Oracle WebLogic SOA Suite Monitoring Tutorial (11g and 12c)


  • SOA Smart Dashboards
    • Monitoring BPEL Engine (Only 11g)
    • BPEL Engine Dashboard (Historical - Only 11g)
    • Monitoring Composite Performance
    • Monitoring Callback and Invoke
    • Monitoring Composite Faults
    • Monitoring Deployed Composites Trend
    • Summarizing Composite List & Endpoint URIs
  • SOA Notifications and Alarms
    • BPEL Engine Notifications
    • Composite Performance Notifications
    • Callback and Invoke (DLV_MESSAGE) Notifications
    • Composite Faults and Errors Notifications
  • SOA Reports
    • Reporting SOA BPEL Engine
    • Reporting SOA Composite Performance
    • Reporting SOA Callback and Invoke (DLV_MESSAGE)
    • Reporting SOA Composite Faults and Errors
  • SOA Daily Reports (EMAIL)
    • Daily SOA Report for Composite Performance
    • Daily SOA Report for Callback and Invoke (DLV_MESSAGE)
    • Daily SOA Report for Composite Faults and Errors
    • Daily SOA Report for Deployed Composites Trend

Download Latest WLSDM for WebLogic 11g and 12c

WLSDM does not require a license key for the first 30 days of a trial period. However, if you have already evaluated the product and now need to prolong the trial period, please complete this form in order to obtain a new 30 days trial license key.

  • Latest Version: v3.4.2
  • Quick Installation Guide: Available in ZIP package as README.html
  • Online Documentation: Available in ZIP package as WLSDM-HELP.html

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