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We have built
native and responsive
WebLogic monitoring application

By using WLSDM you can monitor your mission critical WebLogic domains
in any device. Mobile phones, Computers, TV Screens…
Project to a TV screen, then let WLSDM take care remaining.

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  • We call WLSDM as native WebLogic monitoring application…


    ...bacause it is. It's a WebLogic console extension.

    --- WLSDM "Administrate it!" Team
  • Install and Run WLSDM, in minutes!


    Just copy WLSDM file then restart WebLogic admin server. Your native WebLogic monitoring application is ready to RUN.

    --- WLSDM "Enjoy it!" Team
  • WLSDM is really a cool Monitoring Dashboard…


    WLSDM is really a cool Monitoring Dashboard, which is worth to have a look... Under the Section Operational Tools & Utils you can find various helpful stuff like Log File Viewer, Thread Dump Analyzer, MBean Search, Decrypt -Encrypt and so on. My personal favourite is the WLST Web Console, here you can execute directly from your web browser WLST commands or execute WLST Python Scripts.

    --- Dirk Nachbar (Oracle ACE) Trivadis AG, Switzerland
  • I personally recommend to use WLSDM…


    ° Easy installation and configuration of thresholds and alerts for the essential metrics
    ° File system historical data store, not available otherwise without products like EM Grid/Cloud Control
    ° Integrated with the WebLogic administration console, modern and responsive interface

    --- Radu Dobrinescu (Fusion Middleware Specialist) Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH, Germany
  • Installation is easy…


    Installation is easy. It's nice that WLSDM does not have license for Developer servers. Install it on a DEV server to try other features, too. Comparing to WebLogic monitoring dashboard, WLSDM UI looks better! Decryption of data source passwords is nice.

    --- Christos Vezalis (Oracle Certified SOA, WebLogic and ADF Implementation Specialist) Nodalpoint Systems, Greece

Native WebLogic Monitoring

WLSDM is a WebLogic console extension which enables monitoring for WebLogic MBean metrics. It is very easy to create alarms and notifications by using WLSDM metric browser. WLSDM can store any WebLogic metric values historically and also can generate graphical reports.


wlsdm installation

copy wlsdm

Copy WLSDM file to WebLogic "${DOMAIN_HOME} / console-ext" folder.

restart admin

Restart WebLogic admin server then WLSDM will deploy automatically. WLSDM portlet will be visible on the WebLogic domain console.

monitor now

Start native monitoring by using WLSDM console. WLSDM will generate alarms and notifications instantly.

why wlsdm?

By using WLSDM there is no need use any other third party monitoring tool or application for your mission critical WebLogic domains. WLSDM only targeted to monitor WebLogic domains and its environments. For example, you can monitor WebLogic instances, datasources, JMS resources, your custom MBeans... etc. easily and real fast. WLSDM never creates additional load on your JVM instances, because it is a WebLogic console extension. You don't need to write custom WLST scripts for monitoring your WebLogic domains anymore. WLSDM reads your domain and recommends important metrics to monitor then you can visualize and create custom alarms for your WebLogic domains.



By using WLSDM you can monitor your mission critical WebLogic domains
in any device. Mobile phones, Computers, TV Screens…
Project to a TV screen, then let WLSDM take care remaining. The below screen capture was taken by iPhone 6 Plus. All the WLSDM capabilities can control easily via smart mobile phones.



For the first installation, WLSDM reads your WebLogic domain and recommends important metrics to collect and offers to specify thresholds for alarm generation. In three steps you can enable monitoring for your WebLogic domain.



WLSDM can store your application's or WebLogic domains MBean metrics data historically. It is very easy to see old alarms and metric data. For this feature, WLSDM does not require any 3rd party database requirement.



WLSDM monitors appliation's response times for each WebLogic managed servers. It's possible to enable threshold for the URIs and generate alarms. WLSDM calculates average response times for the relevant URI and generates alarms. You can also view and search WebLogic access logs on WLSDM console.



Just configure JMX metric value thresholds according to your WebLogic domains, then WLSDM generates ALERT and CLEAR notifications. WLSDM has a robust alarm mechanism which has counter, clear, alert... mechanisms.



It is very easy to monitor backend systems by using WLSDM Back-end monitoring module.
• JDBC Satement Execute
• EJB Business Method Invoke
• Webservices JAXWS Endpoint
• Servlets
• ...



• Connect to WebLogic WLST Console via WLST Web Console
• Centralize and store WLST Scripts on WLSDM
• Run WLST Scripts on "WLST Web Console" Page real fast
• Auto complete feature for WLST commands while typing on WLST Web Console



View and monitor WebLogic Server logs on WLSDM web console. Get EMAIL and SNMP log notifications instantly. Dead Lock, Heap Space, Stuck Thread, Unchecked Exception, General Severity Error... etc. logs with stack traces are been attached as EMAIL.


Screen Captures

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Installation & Help Docs

Quick Installation Guide

  • solutions-image


    • 1. Copy wlsdm to WebLogic $DOMAIN_HOME/console-ext
    • 2. Restart WebLogic admin server
    • 3. Open URL: http://$IP:$PORT/console/WLSDM
    • Detailed Documentation:   Documentation


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Web Layer Smart Dashboard & Monitoring WLSDM Help 1. Introduction WLSDM is an enterprise “WebLogic console extension” which enables monitoring for WebLogic JMX MBean metrics and all the WebLogic domain assets (Health, Servers, Applications, Data Sources, JMS… etc.). It is very easy to create alarm and notification definitions by using WLSDM metric browser. WLSDM can store any WebLogic metric values historically and also can generate graphical reports. WLSDM is a WebLogic Console extension and runs under WebLogic console on Admin server. 1.1. Important WLSDM Features Deploy just in seconds Responsive user interface Responsive graphs Configure domain monitoring with WLSDM setup wizard Get alarms and notifications Robust alarm generation infrastructure (Parametric alarm counter support) Customize email templates according to your organization Fancy and responsive ALERT and CLEAR emails (HTML) Get CLEAR emails and notifications when problem disappeared Create unlimited dashboards Responsive health page for WebLogic domain assets Monitor applications’ response times Monitor WebLogic logs by using WLSDM log inspector Store WebLogic JMX metric values historically Get JVM thread,heap dumps when a defined case occurred Generate reports Localize (language) and customize HTML emails’ content, subject, header… etc. Customize and configure WLSDM settings (SMTP, Email content, Logging… etc.) 1.2. WLSDM Functionality and Easy Usage By using WLSDM, there is no need to write WLST scripts for getting WebLogic MBean metrics and scheduling it. Let WLSDM take care everything. WLSDM can access any values on WebLogic console. Add metric monitoring by using WLSDM metric browser Enable monitoring and storing data Specify threshold values for the metrics Monitor values on dashboards with fancy graphs Get ALERT and CLEAR notifications instantly Access historical data and generate reports weblogic monitoring application tools weblogic monitoring application tools weblogic monitoring application tools weblogic monitoring application tools

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You can easily integrate weblogic snmp service with WLSDM

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